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Innovative Market Research

Fresh approach to data collecting and analysis – using most efficient behavior-based research tools, combined with internal company data.

Business Consultancy

Recommendations for optimal business model to speed up the company growth (brand building, promotion, leads generating, sales model, HR solutions).

Advanced Data Mining

Answers and solutions by crossing and analyzing data the company already has (market trends, segments, predicting models)

Social Media Management

Using social media as a great tool for creating brand awareness, brand image, customer experience management and getting sales leads.

  • Wide experience in European markets

Our team has over 15 years experience with European clients (CEE, UK, Germany, France, Spain). Different markets & different categories (telco, energy, IT, finance, automotive, FMCG).

  • Fresh, global perspective

Since 5 years we’ve learn a lot about overseas markets – mostly fast-developing Asian markets (Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia) and we worked on a couple of interesting projects there.

  • Creative, merged methodologies

We avoid stereotypes – “quantitative”, “qualitative”, “online”, “offline” methodologies – these old and artificial classifications.  Our priority is always what we have to achieve –  and then we try to mix and match the most efficient way to get there.

  • Holistic, contextual approach

Until we recommend any specific tool or approach –  we always start from deep understanding of our client’s business environment, current situation and future goals. This perspective stays important at every stage of the project, allowing to get useful and applicable solutions and recommendations.

  • Answers, instead of just a data

Data itself it’s usually not the full answer and we believe that sometimes too much data causes more headache than supports actionable business decisions. With us it’s not a problem any more –  we will digest all the numbers and come back with a few clear business insights and recommendations.

  • Long-term relationship focus

In most cases our clients stay with us for a longer while. That is why we try to understand their business and keep updated what’s going on in their category. It is also greater pleasure to work with people we know since some time.


At the next pages we’d like to introduce our team and examples of the research solutions we offer



Our team has over 15 years’ experience in market research, while working for major Polish research agencies and the biggest Polish and international brands

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